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Original post by: Felipe ,


Problem with the LCD after replacement


Hello, Guys.

Pleaseeee help me.

4 months ago my iPad mini (16gb, GSM, 1ST Gen) fell and broke the glass digitizer and completely smashed the back. So what did I do? I bought a new digitizer on ebay and a new back housing, because the original was badly damaged too. The most difficult situation was to remove the motherboard and the battery, because the two are stuck together by a super adhesive.  So... after almost 24 hours straight removing piece by piece for the new housing I fully reassembled the iPad, but apparently I had done something wrong because the LCD was showing only half of the screen. One week later the entire screen faded. I thought "Oh maybe I pulled too hard and because of that the liquid crystal broke". So, I made another purchase: a new LCD Display. When the part arrived, it was very simple. I took the LCD flex and put the new one, but nothing happened! Not appear absolutely nothing on the screen. The iPad seems to work, because I can hear the sounds of charging. Here in Brazil, technical assistances are very poor, unreliable, and most do not know what to say. But I was desperate and took the ipad at a Technical assistance in my area. The technical used a lcd that he had there and also gave no sign of life. Then he said "I can not do anything. Maybe you damaged the motherboard when switched the parts" and only that. No other place around here wants to try to fix if maybe it involving welding (or soldering). But I know some friends who do micro soldering on iphones and other gadgets, but they do not know what to do to try to fix the iPad. Can someone give me a light? I'm completely lost. And I have no money to buy another ipad. Here, an iPad mini GSM 16gb costs more than USD 700.00. As you can see, my English is not good. So apologize me for the grotesque grammar errors above. PS: This is not a backlight error as I had seen here on the forum. The backlight problem displays some picture at least but super dark, in my case, nothing appears, none any kind of picture.


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