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What a pizzer! I repair liquid damaged phones all the time. First I don't like contact cleaner on iPhone logic boards for a number of reasons, but too late for that. I'd suggest if you haven't done so yet, remove the logic board totally from the housing and thus removing the battery from contaqcting the logic board before proceeding with any cleaning. Then using a VERY small screw driver or dental pick, pry the metal heat shield off the logic board (VERY CAREFULLY) there are small capacitors that can be damaged if pried against, take your time.

Use 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and a clean toothbrush to clean any residual corrosion, oxidation and urine traces (haha) from the board. Then put it together and try again to power it up when dry. Do a hard reset (power and home together) sometimes with water damage it puts the phone in DFU mode or a similar state of semi-conscious behavior (sort of like your friend!). You might also have a bad dock connector,thereby preventing your phone from being recognized by a computer when plugged in (even if in DFU), charging battery or allowing the home button to work properly, therefore no hard reset ability and leaving you stuck in DFU and not able to get out. Might be worth the $20.00 cost of a dock assembly to replace it if all else fails

Good luck...Chad