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Original post by: macsj200 ,


Why are there so few parts available for the latest iPod touch?


I've been looking and looking, and I can't seem to find a replacement display assembly for the 5th generation iPod touch for less than $80.00.  I can find comparable parts for other iPod touch and iPhone models for significantly cheaper.  I looked on this website, and they have a grand total of zero parts for this device.  Are parts so scarce because it is a relatively new product?  When can I expect to find a cheaper replacement screen assembly, if ever?

I am really at a loss here.  Is it possible to use an iPhone lcd and digitizer in the newest iPod touch?  Can I use a screen from an older model?

If you know of anywhere I can find cheaper parts for the iPod touch 5th gen, please let me know.  The existing parts for sale are hard to find and seem very marked up.  I've ordered this part (digitizer + front glass + lcd + etc.) for other iProducts and have gotten much better prices.  Seriously, what is up?


iPod Touch 5th Generation