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Original post by: jessabethany ,


You have multiple problems.

1.) backlight circuit needs repair--either filters, coil, diode or ic need to be replaced.

2.) you have charging system problem.  In best case, you just need a new battery. Worst case the charging ic is damaged.

3.) you need a water damage cleanup

Start with water damage clean up--at least put motherboard in isopropanol overnight and Coleman withy toothbrush.  Better = take to someone who can desolder the shield to fully floe an the whole board.

Get a new battery--this will make it turn on and be recognized.  Watch battery percent on iTunes and see if post water damage clean up does wit hold a charge/charge up.

Send it out to a professional for backlight repair---if you can't find someone local feel free to contact me viaq my profile.

Good luck!