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Original post by: Bobby ,


You answered "no" as if the link you referred to answered the question. I'm not sure if it is possible, I am not saying that. However if you had an iPhone 5s LCD assembly you wouldn't need the home button it would be attached to the LCD screen you would be replacing.  Before everyone just takes everyone else's word for it, because The question actually has not been answered, maybe there should be more discussion before this subject is closed. There are many reasons for wanting to do this, for one I don't use my fingerprint scanner and could care less about it. I have about five iPhone five screens and they would come in handy because like everyone else I've broken my share of screens. I understand the parts from an iPhone 5s screen will not fit with an LCD  from an iPhcone 5.  But can anyone say for sure that the ribbon is not the same, if I recall the iPhone 5s just has an extra ribbon for the home button for the fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 5 LCD only has the home button attached to the entire assembly. The real question would probably be,  does the LCD ribbon and digitizer ribbon fit the motherboard and also will the missing fingerprint sensor cause errors with iOS.