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Original post by: Matt Rowlands ,


keyboard is not responding after small water damage / repair


Yesterday, I spilled a small amount of tea on my MacBook Pro. it spilled mainly around the trackpad area and to the first row of keys, space and commend etc.

I turned it off, ejected the battery, stripped the computer, remove the logic board and removed the keyboard backlight panel and then dried the upper-case with a hair drier.

I also took out the touchpad and gave it a clean. Tragically, I tore the touchpad ribbon upon removal.

Current symptoms:

all systems work per normal except:

* fans run non-stop
* '''keyboard is totally unresponsive'''
* obviously trackpad dead but new ribbon is on it's way.

what on earth happened in there? before stripping it completely after a dry, when I booted it up to test the trackpad, after about 20 seconds the volume started to go up by itself and I think random keys were being pressed.

what is my next move?



MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Late 2008 and Early 2009