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There is a small reset button under the metal bottom plate next to the power test portals not far from where the AirPort Extreme card may be located. This usually would need to be pressed once, with the computer unplugged; not more than once between testing the startup since the PRAM battery may go flat otherwise. The button is hidden by sheet plastic, but can be activated without removing it.

Also, a reason why these may not start up after a power outage (without backup power supply) is the 1/2AA 3.6V lithium PRAM battery could already be dead, and this can make the computer fail to start. As this replacement is such a tedious task, it is not recommended unless you are going further into the computer and have skills, knowledge & abilities with this design.

Since most shops won't look at these anymore, work carefully and look for online guides, a few takeaparts to replace the HDD and optical drive exist. Thermal paste, and other tools are necessary. An original Apple Service manual on pdf is recommended, almost impossible to get.

Good luck & happy computing! :)