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Original post by: jessabethany ,


A hot spot on the board equals a short in my opinion.

As silly as it seems, one method of pinpointing a short is to remove the emi shields and power on the phone and use your lips to locate the hot spot.

You may never know the 'why'--heat itself can generate a short, perhaps from a defective battery, as can drop damage, water mention needing to wait before using your replaced power button--that is unusual--did you use some kind of glue in the phone?

In any event, plugging in a connector or hitting the power button prompts the phone to boot.  Starting the electron flow in this way will run them through the path of least resistance, ie short circuit, ie generate heat, until battery disconnect.

Repair--finding a short is honestly a pain.  You really wouldn't want to go anywhere near an iPhone with a conventional soldering iron.  Some folks have success with the "poor man's reflow" ie an oven or hot air gun to attempt and get the solder balls under the chips to briefly experience 250 temp to melt in their place and hopefully "unbridge" and cool down back in place magically making just the right electrical contact.  Very easy to give too much heat and irreparably damage components.

Good luck--if there is important data on it you might want to seek professional help.  There are a few folks out there that specialize in this kind of thing.