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Original post by: lkvee ,


I removed the logic board. There's no white crud underneath, and I failed to find burn or scorch marks anywhere else. I did find one leg of an 8-pin chip that looks suspect:


I also put WD-40 (in a No-Mess Pen) on the area that previously had white crud. I used a toothbrush with a rather gentle motion. I then used more of that 99% isopropyl alcochol to clean up the WD-40. I tried to put more solder on that bad leg, but I don't think I was successful. The PB chimed! There was a video image that washed the background into an off-white fuzz. You can see the difference as the left edge of the display functioned properly:


After loading the OS, the video "repaired" itself:


I would say try some WD-40 to clean that suspect area. Wheeee!

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