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Original post by: Owen Cunneely ,


I used to have a similar issue, but then I started to use these screen covers. Basically, what I do before I put the glass on is wipe the screen, making sure that no oil or grime is on it, then I stick a plastic protector sheet, similar to those that come covering the iMac to protect it during shipping, on the screen (the sheet must also be free of oils and grime, but not always dust). Because the sheet is sticky on one side, you can do this with the inside of the glass panel too. Then, right before I put then together, I pull the covers off and all the dust comes off with it. Normally, I can do this with a cover anywhere from 5-10 times before the sheet has too much debris on it to effectively get the dust off. I am normally able to get these covers off of eBay and some other sellers, and some local computer stores may have them for wrapping things to ship. (I am talking about the same thing that you pull off the the glass when you take the iMac out of the box.) You can try that DIY solution and see how effective it is for you, and if it doesn't work, then I would invest in a silicon roller, because they are great for getting all the dirt off of the screen for installation. I had one, and used it quite often till it broke, then I decided to try some home solutions, which led me to using the covers.

Hope this Helps,