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Original post by: Dan ,


Kyle -

I don't think one is better than the other here as they both have exposed electrical connections that any wetness will damage. The killer is always the salts, acids & bases in the water or drink that messes things up. As an example If you spilled pure distilled water into your phone there is no ionic action to corrode things so you could shake it dry and be none the wiser. You can't do that with a can of Coke or a cup of Tea, or even most tap water.

Now if one where to throw the drive off a boat into very deep water which would you be able to salvage the data off of would be the SSD! Unlike a HD the SSD has no air chambers so it can handle the depths, were as the HD would get crushed or the seals would leak letting water into the patter area. That is assuming the electrical connections didn't get corroded.

In all cases its' the corrosion or sorting out of a component that does you in.