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After HDD replacement, how to handle loud fans in Bootcamp?


Hello, Recently I've replaced the stock HDD that came with my iMac with a Samsung SSD. While the replacement was rather easy, it comes with a small issue that has already been talked about at OWC and other sites--if you add a non-Apple HDD or SSD, the fans of the iMac will fallback into a "safe mode", running at full speed because the new SSD cannot communicate properly with the built-in temperature regulation of the SATA cables. You can order a specific data cable with an attached temperature sensor to build into the iMac together with an aftermarket SSD, but there's also a quick software solution on OS X: I used "ssdfanctrl" to regulate the iMac's fans according to the SMART status of my Samsung SSD. However, I wonder what the situation on Windows (using Boot Camp) would be like--without any software fix installed, would the fans run like crazy again because of the "incompatible" SSD/cable connection? If that is the case, does anyone know of a good software solution "for Windows" that can control an iMac's fans? So far I've found two applications, but I'm still not sure whether they would be compatible with my iMac: * "Lubbo's MacBook Pro Fan Control": Seems like it only works for portable Macs * "Speedfan": I didn't find any information whether it is compatible with an iMac Before I install Windows again, I would like to hear if anyone has already some experience with this issue, as I would prefer not to spend additional money on a new SATA data cable by OWC if I can just use a compatible software. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2428


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