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Original post by: Cory ,


I had the same problem with 2 ipod 4th generation devices.  After replacing the screens I had nothing (black screen).  I tried unplugging and reseating the cables and then the screens would power up with a white screen or still do nothing.  Did this several times with no luck.  I tried shorting the battery (3.7v pin to ground) and this had no effect.  I finally plugged them into a computer to see if itunes recognized them and it did.  What I discovered was the software was a verstion 5.x.x and iTunes was telling me I needed to update the software.  I updated the software on both devices to 6.1.x and then plugged the screens back in.  Both powered up with a white screen and I did a reset (home button and power button for 10 seconds) and both devices powered up with no problem.