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Original post by: mark ,


Im having kind of the same problem. I am working on one for a friend and replaced the LCd and kept the digitizer. Everything went smooth. Until i was taking the digi from the lcd. A small crack near the bottom of the digi appeared but it was small and in the black bezel area. Got it back together and touch screen wouldnt work. Left it alone for a bit and got back to it and tried to seperate the digi from the lcd again. Another small crack formed. This time near the digi cable in the black outside area. Still not bad  but this time i tried to really seal the digi back down on the lcd. I think the sticky pad around the outside is causing a bad buffer between the lcd and digi. When i tried the reseal now half the screen worked or slightly less. It sounds like its a matter of sealing up the digitizer to the lcd firm enough. Hopefully in my problem the second digitizer break didnt end all hope.