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Original post by: simon nash ,


so ive been fixing an ipod touch 4th gen and had this exact problem. i replaced the screen. turned it on and got a white screen. turned it off then no matter what i was stuck with a black screen. i tried all the trick above including grounding, hard reset plugging the charger in ect ect ect. nothing worked.

please note that my solution will wipe all of the data and reset the ipod completly.

what i ended up doing was plugging the ipod into the computer. i tuned did not reconise it and the screen remained black, i then put the ipod into dfu mode (power button for 3 seconds, power button and home button for 15 seconds, then the home button for 5 seconds.

itunes then recognised the ipod, note that the screen remained black.

itunes downloaded the latest firmwhere, and began the restore process. the ipod screen remained black until it began to reset. the apple logo with the loading bar appeared and once it was completed th ipod was working again,