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Original post by: Brian Gibson ,


OK brilliant people:

Rob I love how detailed your answer was and I tried it with some success.  Here is the whole story:

Replaced the screen with success and everything worked fine, until he went to charge it.  Then it wouldn't charge.

I took it apart again and got it to connect to my computer.  The screen got damaged so I replaced it again.

When I got it back together it was white.  I tried the hard reset and after it turned off it wouldn't turn back on again.

I then tried your grounding trick and got it connected again.  Again the new screen was white, so I again tried the hard reset.  Same results.

It appears that I can get it to connect, but I can't get a picture.  Also if I try to rest the device I lose all connectivity and power.

I have looked close and I don't see any obvious signs of damaged cables, etc.

So anyone have a great answer as to how I should proceed now?