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Original post by: rdklinc ,


Your HD is definitely dead -- a repeating clicking sound is a definite sign of a failing drive.

Often these early laptops will not going into target mode if they do not have a volume to offer in target mode, so if there is a bad HD and there is a bad optical drive or there is not a presentable disk in the optical drive, the laptop has no volume it can put in target mode, and therefore often won't do it.  Some laptops will still go into target mode regardless, and some won't...I don't recall how the various PowerBooks behave, and anyway there are several models of 1.67GHZ, so we don't have enough info to know anyway.  The other thing that will prevent target mode is a firmware password.

The way to rule out both these situations is to power on holding down the option key.  If you see an option menu, you don't have a firmware password (in which case you would see a padlock instead).  A visible option menu also means it's unlikely you have a board, GPU, or video cabling issue (which is a concern if you never see anything but a white screen).

Personally, I have never in my life seen a laser lense cleaner restore a flaky optical drive to functionality, so I wouldn't spend money on that.