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Original post by: Carlos ,


The following video provide in the above comments no longer exists:


Here is my story.

I bought the Nexus 7 from my co-worker a week ago and she purchased the product online in September, see below:

Google Inc.

Online purchase


Sep 3, 2012 9:14 PM



Needless to say, the product is no longer covered under warranty and the tablet suddenly stopped working. By stopped working, I mean that - The Nexus 7 turns on, but the images are unable to be displayed.

All that I see are black or white (greyish at times) lighting that appear to be vertical in length. Think about an electronic device that has been dropped and the after math of the screen - but it was not dropped, water damaged, or misused in anyway. It literally stopped working after I was reading Alice in Wonderland on the train this morning. I hit the lock button to check a text on my phone and when I attempted to resume the book I was reading, the screen spazzed out and it has been that way all morning.

I contacted Google support who then transferred me to Asus support. Asus support was not very helpful and I understand why; I am not covered under warranty.

Still, I feel that if there is anything I can try - I'll exhaust all options before simply giving up.

So here's what I've tried:

I've tried powering the device off using instructions on a youtube video on 'how to power off your nexus 7' and I had to be very creative and tapping on the same areas of the screen as what was shown on the video (IE: Power Off > Ok) because I can't see these options and I was successful.

I waited some time and tried powering the device on while holding the volume down key and it made a sound that tells me what I tried successfully (factory reset) the product but the screen still is not showing me anything but lights that prove it's on.

I took it apart (its mine now and google won't fix it so I'm trying everything here) and found that the electric taping was very amateur. I secured a few things here and there and, still, the screen will not display any images.

The only thing I have yet to try is letting it die and hoping for the best.

I want to sell this to a mom and pop computer shop or to back to google so that I am not at a complete loss but I do not believe anyone will buy this with the screen issues.

Any advise would be appreciated.