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Original post by: Be Geezy ,


igraph65, I must say that I appreciate you suggesting Ubuntu. I myself am a Linux user, currently running modified Kali Linux but I started with Ubuntu as my first Linux Disto. For a 32 bit installation of Windows 7 your computer needs 1gb ram while a 64 bit installation requires 2gb ram. I'm sure that one could get Windows 7 to install on a system with specs not quite matching the recomendations but things might not go well. That being said, anyone out there that's feeling adventurous and would love to try a free and MUCH MUCH better OS than Windows, look into either Linux Mint or Ubuntu (note that Linux comes in a variety of desktop flavors so be sure to look into that before installing the first one you find. Ubuntu for example has Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubunu. Each of which portrays your desktop environment in different ways) IN A WORLD WITH NO WALLS, WHO NEEDS GATES AND WINDOWS?