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Original post by: Andrey ,


I had this problem once with my LG dishwasher and ended up replacing the sump assembly and few other parts, cleaned all components an pipes, nothing helped. But then I realized that I haven't checked the wires inside the door. Sure enough a couple of wires got glued to the door insulation due to heat and were torn when the door was opening/closing. One was a ground wire and the other was a white wire running all the way up to control box. Once I fixed the wires all started working properly.

I tend to agree with Mike B, if the water is clean at the end of a cycle and it is draining just fine at the beginning of the next cycle, the problem is likely not with filters or pump or hose configuration. It very well could be the timer, but it also could be the wire that runs the timer, or it could be some other control I am not aware of. But I would also agree with Gil in that it never hurts to run basic troubleshooting before rushing to the store like I did. At the end though we should be grateful for people like Mike B for offering worthwhile opinions that May or may not help and we should decide for ourselves on whether or not to accept the advice instead of making nuisance comments like the one above. Cheers