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Original post by: ziaofarrell ,


I had similar problems with a black macbook 1,1 - MA472LL/A:

I bought the computer off ebay - the seller was a re-seller who thought it was water damaged - hooked to a charger there was a bright green light on the charger - when power button was pushed the mac's sleep light would come on and stay on (constant) I could hear the hard drive spinning - the dvd/cd had already been removed - because the case was in good shape I decided to change out the logic board - however when i removed all the ram and tried to start it the mac re-acted to that by flashing the sleep light (i think 5 times in a row)

that gave me hope for the logic board

I removed the airport card and tried the power button again. the computer was able to start with chime and fully boot to my login in screen.

On the apple support site - it said that the software for the airport card might need to be updated, and that i would need to get on the internet with the ethernet connection and update it -

i hope to post a positive update soon.