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Stuck on Charging Screen - Can't Soft/Hard Reset


Hi Everybody,

We've got a Nokia 920 in, great phone but we know the software and ROM is quite flakey and leads to all kinds of issues.

We can solve most SW issues but this one is odd;

We changed the screen and all was working OK. The owner went to do a software update under the advice of her carrier (wasn't told to leave it plugged in, but we're not sure if it died mid flash). It got to the gear screen and stayed there all night. it had been plugged it in by this point.

Still like that this morning, we performed a soft reset, and now it's stuck on the charging screen.


Trying hard reset and soft reset does not help this, we get the Nokia logo then this charging screen.

When this is on, if we disconnect the power cable, the phone immediately turns off.

But we know it has power because we can turn it on and get to the battery screen without the USB cable connected. but without that cable it shows the battery logo without the plug.

So, we know the battery and charging circuits are ok, but it seems to be stuck here.

any idea how to kick it out of this loop?


Nokia Lumia 920