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Original post by: Gil ,


I've always thought that people who had nothing better to do than sit at their computer and get into arguments on chat groups were pretty pathetic so please don't take me wrong Michael B. but I really don't like this answer, and its liable to lead someone to purchase a timer unnecessarily and they usually won't take them back.  It would mean the timer was failing in some very unlikely ways--pump running fast, times out too soon ?? contacts partly broken off ,pump not running long enough ?? its so unlikely that its a timer, I wouldn't even mention it.  Emptying washer by running a bit extra doesn't prove anything, it could still be a clog or a kinked hose or even the pump, the machine ran longer and finally managed to pump the rest of the water.  Plus if you went back to cycle start its added more water so who knows , even if it pumped everything out this time there could be any one of several cause's still waiting to bite.  No I still think the first cause most often is flow back from the drain and there are several possible reasons for that.  Defective or no vacuum break, kinked or plugged hose or pump, funky drain configuration when sharing drain with disposals double sinks etc. Sorry my friend, but it's just not valid troubleshooting.   respectfully GS.