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Original post by: djconnel ,


I have had a similar issue, and indeed the same keys.

I had touchpad issue, cleaned the keyboard with a damp sponge, and had problems with T and G.  I put it in the sunshine with some rice on the keys, and that fixed it for awhile.  Next day it was failing again, so I tried a blow dryer.  That fixed it for two days, then suddenly it failed again, this time the entire column: 5, T, G, and B.

The failure is that when the key is hit, a stream of characters is generated, including those associated with keys to the left.  For example, if I hit "5", I might get something related to "12345".   Similar with the other keys, although sometimes "opt" characters are generated, for example "delta" when I hit "G".

After this latest failure, it's simply not improving.  I tried popping out the offending keys and the underlying support hardware, then wiping it with some isopropyl with a swab, and while that cleaned off some dirt, functionality is the same.

Apple told me I needed to replace the entire keyboard hardware for $199, a 4-5 day operation.

The curious thing is the regular nature of the symptom, and that it happens to include two of the same keys as you.  There must be something related to how keys are addressed.