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Original post by: Anthony4 ,


Why won't LCD from 12" G4 1G work in G4 1.33?


I have replaced the (cracked) screen in my iBook G4 12" 1.33 with one from a iBook G4 12" 1GHz. It won't work.

All the posts here indicate that it should be compatible. I have only swapped the LCD panel (as per the step-by-step guide), not any of the cables etc.

With the new screen, there is no video (on LCD or external monitor. After about 50 secs, the back light comes on and there is static (noise) from the speakers but that is all. The display data cable gets hot. If I disconnect the data cable from the LCD all works fine with an external monitor.

I have also tried an LCD from a 12" G3, with identical results (The G3 & 1GHz G4 LCDs appear identical, the 1.33GHz one is a different manufacturer: CHI-MEI). Essentially the same problem occurs if I put the 1.33 LCD into the G3.

Nothing seems to be fried as if I put them all back where they came from everything works.

I have rset the PRAM and the PMU

I deduce the displays are different, though iFixit offers only one replacement for all 12" iBooks. Could the Data cables be different? They are similar to look at. I have not opened up the Motherboard end yet. Has anyone experienced a similar problem?


iBook G4 12" 1.33 GHz