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Original post by: nooshi ,


Hello All,

Same problem here. The problem starts when every time I wanted to use my nexus, it did not have charge! Never! I always tried to close everything but again the next day, It did not have charge. One time I tried to charge my 0% N7, it was turned off and when I plugged to the charger, it starts turning on, when it turned on, the battery showed up 0%  and again it turns off, and again turns on with 0 %!! for more than 100 times it just turn on and turn off and the 0% never charged to even 1%! so I unplugged it and plugged it again. Now I could see some flickers snowing just like 30 years ago TV!!

that was the 4th time I was using my N7 since I have it for 6 month. This is a shame my friends have ipad for 2 years it is just working for them everyday 24 hours just like a new one!! It is a gift from my company so I don't have the receipt!