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Damaged LVDS cables can be replaced-- but as one responder pointed out it is not a part that is normally sold separately.  You most likely place to find a replacement is by buying a display assembly that is non working and salvage the cable.

In order to replace the LVDS cable you need to:

a) Take the display assembly off of the rest of the MacBook

b) remove the glass from the display-- can be done but extremely hard to do so without breaking it so possible you will have to fork over another $70 to replace

c) unscrew the existing LCD

d) swap cables on back of LCD and re-route new cable through metal frame of display assembly

e) screw LCD back in, replace glass

A few tips:

1) always test the LCD before replacing glass-- if there is a problem with the cable or connection you want to find it then, not after you have put glass back on.

2) Remember that the problem can be on the logic board and not the screen-- meaning you can have a logic board that works with external monitor and not the internal screen-- but to no fault of the screen.  So inspect the logic board LVDS connector carefully with a loupe to see if it has any signs of visible damage like liquid shorting out or melting plastic connectors.