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Original post by: ahmer ,


I cant see my files and games insatlled in my PSP


I am having PSP 3000, I charaged it through my laptop via Data Cable. After charging There were no games and data in my memory card, it displays that there is no data in the stick.

Whereas, if i plugin my PSP into my laptop, through the data cable, i can see all games in folder, and pictures which i have captured. means the data is there in UMD card, 1.8 GB is in used outof 8 GB. Data can be seen and its opening in Laptop only, But if i open games folder in PSP, then it says, The folder is empty... Please suggest what to do... I guess software is curropted, there is some virues in it.. can anybody please tell from where to download its software for free.. and how to install it...

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PSP 3000