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Original post by: Chris K ,


Hi Eugene, Can you explain in more details what you did to make it work. What do you mean by removed serial number for example ? My 11 inch, mid-2011 MBA just crapped out one day, I lost keyboard and mouse inside OSX (10.8), this was less than 1h after I had cloned my SSD with an image of Mountain Lion from my iMac (I regret this move to this day, was lazy redoing the install), and then after the crash I had to turn off the machine holding the power button. Since then I see the Apple logo but all I get is a loop chime sound (it barely finishes and I hear a little cracle and the chime sound starts again in a fast loop). I can't select an OS (external), did SMC + PRAM but nothing works. Plugging some usb flash drive on left USB will make it that only one chime then stop, but nothing else. I can't put up the OS selection menu :(.

I wonder if I deleted something on the SSD that makes it that the Mac won't boot and gets stuck on a reboot loop, is that even possible I'm unsure (where is the EFI located ? is it on the SSD or is it like a PC Bios inside flash memory on the logic board ?). I still find it extremely suspect that the MBA died right after I superdupered ML from another machine (iMac 27 late 09) :(.

I did order a replacement SSD from iFixit but it didn't do the trick, I even restored Lion that was originally on the SSD on it but still no go.

I'm thinking my logic board must have a defect (and all this isn't related to my superduper cloning but the timing is too coincidental IMHO) , but I don't know what to do and shelved already 250$ on the SSD, for pretty much nothing. If anyone has an idea it would be appreciated.