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Original post by: Bradley Diggs ,


Hey!  I've found that the GPU itself coming loose and needing a reball (or heat gun or teacup lights?) to reflow the BGA underneath the chip is more of a G3 problem.  I haven't seen many, or any of the G4's with the GPU problem.  Hopefully that reset that you did did the trick.  However, if it's hardware, it seems to usually be a different chip on the G4's that has an unsoldered pin.  What I had happen on my G4 14'' 1.33ghz was this problem, and, like the G3 GPU problem that worked when I held down on the chip when I would hold down towards the "power pins" end of this chip the computer would work, when I didn't sometimes it would work for a minute and give the flashing colors and eventually a grey screen, or wouldn't boot at all and the fan would spin.  Here are the links:

What sounds more like this problem, the G4 Vreg chip problem (affects video like mentioned above): (don't let the title fool you, this is for a g4, not a g3 at all)

And for completeness's sake, the G3 GPU problem: