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Original post by: bob ,


Thank you, sorry if I seemed rash, was havin a horrible day and this is really frusturating. The dog chewed through it, and it still worked but I had to have the wires set a certain way or it wouldn't read or there would be a major lag. So I used electrical tape to see if that would work, covering the exposed wires. But that only caused it to stop working, I spliced them and put them exactly how they were before, and now nothing. I mean I can't really complain cus I didn't pay for it a friend brought it over and left it and moved out of town. But I just don't get it, it worked fine before the splice and now its not responding at all. That's my basis for it not being the board. When you. Say sheild, are you meaning the black wire or the aluminum/tin covering the wires? Cus that's the only thing I can come up with that I might have done wrong.