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Original post by: G Toupin ,


I had same problem. It first started on the left corner and was getting worse with time. I always noticed that the left side was warmer then the right (probably melting down the glue). Anyhow I had to do something because this problem also made the image on the screen disappear on about one fifth of the screen on left. I read this forum and others, I decided to try with the epoxy glue. Went to the hardware store and asked for aluminium expoxy. I mixed the glue and using a wooden stick that I got at Starbucks, I put a fair amount of glue between the cover and the screen along the edge. I didn't have to undo anything as by the time I decided to fix the problem, I had almost 1/2 inch gap so inserting the stick with the glue was not a problem. I then closed  the cover and aligned it correctly. Once this was done I put the laptop on the edge of a table and with a piece of wood going along the back, I used two vises to hold everything in place (not putting too much pressure). I let the whole thing dry for 24 hours. The next day, when I open up the cover, it was holding firm. I did all of this about a 2 months ago and it is still holding. My laptop is 3 years old and wasn't covered by any warranty. It cost me about $5 to fix it. I made sure to wipe off any glue so it doesn't even show that the laptop was repaired. And yes I have no more problem with the image. So I am quite happy with this solution.