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Original post by: Paull ,


Hmmmmmmmm, sounds to me as though your Apple POS has a serious design flaw, the charger brick supplies +VDC to the computer, which should then go only to internal circuitry, the chassis should be on the 0VDC side of things. Take and throw it at apple for selling such junk.

the power brick is fed AC current, which it then processes down to the appropriate DC current to feed the computer, the nature of AC means that the brick can handle a power feed of either 'polarity' and works fine, sending the DC current in correct polarity to the device. OTOH, in the house wiring, you must have correct 'polarity' (even though AC current has none to speak of) because of the way the wiring connects to appliances, hence there is an 'Active', sometimes called Hot, there is a 'Neutral', which is NOT ground, and there is 'Earth'

A safety device called an ELCB works by detecting current 'leakage' from the neutral side to earth, though appliances, hands, etc and shuts off the supply, in less than a heartbeat. If the Active and Neutral connections are reversed, there is no protection, and Pinky Tingles can become major, often fatal, zaps...

Get ALL appliances checked by a COMPETENT electrician, and the house wiring too. ALL wall outlets should have the Active connection on the same side, and use 3-pin earthed plugs where possible, even get an earth wire system installed, and have all outlets updated to earthed.

Your house power supply is not just 'Lecktrickity', it deserves care and respect, lest it kills you. It can be more dangerous than an angry alligator