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Original post by: cpotoso ,


Essentially ALL laptops I owned that had metallic bodies exposed shocked me when using non-grounded connections (macbook air 2012, sony vaio sz-110, toshiba, others I do not remember).  It is NOT an issue of reversed polarity of the connection (the laptop's power adapters are not polarized so I can invert the connection and still get shocked).  This appears to be a serious design flaw in the usual switching adapter of the laptops and I am surprised it is there and not fixed.

How I fixed it for my laptops:

1) For the MBA I now use the corded connector rather than the compact one.  The former is grounded the latter is not.

2) For other machines that do not have a grounded connector I have a single banana-alligator cable that goes to the ground hole in the outlet and the alligator grabs onto the ground shield of an unused USB connector.  Problem solved, but very inelegant.