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Why won't my Nikon D5100 won't detect my sd card?


I just bought an Nikon D5100 and I tried using an SD card I had from an older camera. The card is a Lexar Professional 4GB 133x card (class 6). However the camera keeps saying that "No SD card detected". I tried reformatting it from my computer (which detects it just fine) in both FAT and FAT 32, but still nothing. I can't format it from the camera as it says that "This option is not available at current setting or in the camera's current state". I read that updating the firmware might solve this sort of issue, but my firmware is already marked as being A 1.01, B 1.01, L 1.006. The firmware that's supposed to fix this sort of issues is also 1.01. Can it be newer than the one installed even if it's the same version. I couldn't try to install it anyway without a SD card that can be detected by the camera. Any ways to make my current card work?


Nikon D5100