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Original post by: toddsifix ,


Hi, I have had gosh darn worst experience with these boogers. Try opening the phone by following these directions:

1. Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the phone.

2. Use a put a suction cup right above the home button and lift straight up slowly but be careful, there are three ribbon cables still connected to the top. Lift until screen is loose and hinge from the top at a 45 angle and unplug the number one cable (sometimes frees on its own)

3 lift slightly more and unplug the #2 cable.

4. The number 3 cable is locked by a white or black flip bar. Flip it up and slide the flat cable out.

Now look at the gold prongs at the bottom of the phone. Lift up

GENTLY on them but not too fast or they will break off

Then reverse the steps and viola.