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Original post by: The Chief Geek ,


It's been found that their is nothing wrong by design, although reapplying a better paste couldn't hurt, with the temperatures.   Migration Assistant tends to mess things up and also Amazon has stated that they have a bug in the Upload to Kindle process that causes a never ending BASH script to run continuously driving up the temperatures.

I killed the Bash script and de-installed Send to Kindle and my temp during idle never exceed 97 deg F not when they were at 130 deg F.    Also on the Apple support forum there is a thread (search for Bash using up lots of cpu) that states that during Migration Assistant it messes up the CUPS process as well leaving stalled printer and fax queues.   I ran the internal CUPS web service, found 2 stalled items, killed them both and now my rMBP actually can sit on my laptop and can still feel the cool of the metal case.