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Original post by: Black Mamba ,


I had the problem with eternally rebooting iphone 3gs after replacing the battery with a non original replacement battery. reboot every minute or so, no update on battery loading etc.

Opened the phone and the label said "Battery for Iphone 3G". It was raining and I didnĀ“t want to go to the store and I thought f*****g drm issue. But probably solvable with a soldering iron.

I  disassembled the original battery with some caution. Then I measured what was + and - on the tabs spot welded to the PCB. Marked out was was + and - and did the same for the replacement battery. Then I transferred the PCB from the original battery and attached it to the new. Problem solved! no rebooting. now i have a 1600mah battery in my 3gs, wonder if it will work better than the original, Exciting but nothing has exploded yet ;)