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iPod Touch Gen 2 LCD


Product code: IF140-002-1

Product Overview

This part is only the LCD. It does NOT have the front glass/front panel assembly. If you need the front panel assembly, it can be purchased here.

Replaces an LCD that has been damaged or is faulty.


Identify your iPod

  • All 2nd Generation iPod Touches (Model A1288)

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6 month warranty

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iPod Touch 2nd Generation
16 GB
32 GB
8 GB


My Problem

screen had permanent damage and over-brightness issues due to an internal screw under the lower right corner of the screen that came loose

My Fix

its beautiful again, works great. those ribbon cables make me nervous because I lost a laptop due to one tearing but this time everything went great

My Advice

a 1mm screw driver is one size too big. Be careful to not tear the ribbon cables

My Problem

The device was still relatively useful and the repair isn't too hard.

My Fix

Quite easily - the hard part is getting the case apart.

My Advice

Use the metal thin tools to release the plastic bezel - the cable to the digitizer is super fragile so be careful removing the bezel after releasing it.