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iPhone 3G Front Panel


Product code: IF137-000-1

Product Overview

Includes touchscreen glass and integrated digitizer.

IMPORTANT: This part is only for the iPhone 3G. Although visually identical, this part will not work in the iPhone 3GS. If you have an iPhone 3GS, you can find the correct part here.

This product includes adhesive strips.

The front panel of an iPhone 3G, not unlike the face of a newborn elk, is tranquil and glossy, and just as susceptible to the excessively sprightly fingers of wannabe zookeepers. Restore your 3G's glistening countenance again with our iPhone 3G front panel.


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  • All 3G iPhones (excluding 3GS)

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6 month warranty

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iPhone 3G
16 GB
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My Problem

The screen of the iPhone was broken

My Fix

Initially was a little difficult as the cristal separated from the display, after that all went smooth and ok

My Advice

If your glass separate from the display in the initial step, try to use a plastic splunder, in my case worked really well

My Problem

My Iphone fall many times and this times the front panel was very broken.

My Fix

I took almost 1h30 to repair my front panel with your really great pictures and explications

Your explications was perfect for me and now my phone seem like new.

My phone work perfect.

I am extremely satisfied about your product and for your explication step by step.

Thank you for all.

My Advice

Juste take your time to do it because this work is very precise.

My Problem

Phone was dropped twice breaking the front panel glass at the top and the bottom

My Fix

The repair was easy, however getting all of the old glass and adhesive off was a little tedious because the front panel was shattered. The online step by step by was right on the money. The total repair time was maybe a little more than an hour.

My Advice

I did not read well enough when buying this kit. I did not purchase the front panel kit because I already had the tools and assumed that was the only difference. In my haste to order and get the phone repaired I did not order the adhesive and was left to cut my own two sided tape pieces. This worked for my application but surely the already precut adhesive would have made the process much nicer - outside of that the online guide is spot on and the repair is very easy for a competent person.