iFixit API v1.0 Documentation

Our API provides programmatic access to iFixit—enabling anyone to write innovative applications and utilities on top of our rich repair database.

What can I do with the API?

Anything you want! The sky is the limit for awesome applications built using our database of repair guides. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

The API provides access to our repair guides (step-by-step guides and Device namespace pages) and device "category" hierarchy.

The API responds with JSON by default, but you can also request JSONP or XML (on some endpoints). For human-palatable formatted JSON, append ?pretty to the end of any call.

API Endpoints

/badgesGets a list of all badges
/badge/{id}Gets a list of all users who have earned a specific badge
/categoriesGets a hierarchical list of all categories
/collectionsGets info about all collections
/collection/{id}Gets info about a single collection
/embedReturns an oEmbed summary providing access to our guide embed
/guidesGets a list of all guides
/guide/{guideid}Gets the entire content of a specific guide
/image/{id}Gets details (including EXIF) for an image
/teamsGets a list of all teams
/team/{id}/membersGets a list of all members of this team
/topicsGets a list of all devices
/topic/{name}Gets Device detail and a list of all guides
/usersGets a list of all users
/user/{id}Gets detailed user information
/user/{id}/badgesGets a list of a specific user's badges
/user/{id}/favoritesGets a list of guides a user likes and has saved for offline access
/user/{id}/guidesGets a list of guides a user has participated in
/user/{id}/successGets a list of guides a user has successfully performed

Who can use the API?

Non-commercial API access is free, and commercial access is available for a fee. If you anticipate making a large, sustained number of accesses, or you're interested in using the API for commercial purposes, please contact us for an API key.

If you build on our API, we will support you by maintaining future compatibility. Make sure to version your API calls with 1.0. When we introduce changes that may break existing apps, we will increment the version number.