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  • Answer to: when I turn music onto shuffle songs same song keeps repeating

    When you are viewing the song, at the top right just below the total song length is where the shuffle icon appears. It shows in blue when shuffle is active and white when it is not. On the top left, just below the current time for the song is an icon with two arrows "chasing" each other. They are white when repeat is inactive, blue when repeat full playlist is active and blue with a tiny number "1" when repeat 1 song is active. I suspect that you have the repeat 1 song option set. Tap that icon once more to turn it off. Then shuffle should work as expected. Hope that helps.
  • Answer to: still does not power on after logic board replacement

    Sorry if this may seem obvious, but I thought I would toss it out there. Have you tried resetting the SMC?
  • Answer to: DC in board testing?

    I have the same question. Does anyone know the voltage readouts for the DC In board connector that leads to the motherboard? I want to verify that the board is putting out enough voltage and would rather not replace it if the problem is with the motherboard.


  • MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Logic Board Replacement

    Starting in Step 10 there are very delicate connectors that are easily broken. I first attempted to lift one with a spudger and noticed it begin to crack. I found an alternative way that worked perfectly for all of these types of connectors. Using 2 straight pins, press the point of each one just on either side of the connector, between the connector and the housing. Then use each pin to evenly pry the connector up. It will pop right out of the socket with no damage.

  • iBook G3 12" Top Shield Replacement

    I found that at this point I was able to avoid any further steps by removing the screw from the DC in board and the flip the machine over to reveal its connection to the board. I removed this connection and then was able to wiggle the board out and snake the cord out. Avoiding Step 38 saves a lot of screw removal. Not to mention not having to remove the CD Drive also saves a lot of time.

    Just be careful when doing this that you do not force the board out of its place. There is room to remove it, but it is a gentle task.

  • MacBook Core 2 Duo Upper Case Replacement

    On a Macbook I just tore down, I found that in this step, the 4mm screw was on the left, not the right. I thought maybe someone else had it apart before and accidentally switched them so in staying true to these instructions I tried to reassemble with the 4mm screw on the right. I found it would not go all the way in. I ended up putting it back together with the 2-3mm screws on the right and the 1-4mm screw on the left.