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  • Answer to: Where are the power on pads?

    Asked and Answered. Some of the newer models do not have jumper points you have to short the keyboard connector block (do not have the keyboard connected when you do this). If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.
  • Answer to: Overheating and wondering if its the fan?

    Running AHT once with heat issues is often not enough to identify the problem. Run it 2-3x in succession. Also with intensive CPU/GPU use you will generate heat and the fans will kick in. If you changed what you are doing (what apps running) you might be the natural cause of this change in behavior. More details will help us help you. (What OS you're using, what Apps your using) There are some apps that "runway" with the processor and cause overheating. I would look at all the above before opening a machine of this age. If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.
  • Answer to: MBP suddenly shows blue screen, shuts down.

    Often when heat is an issue running AHT once shows no errors. You have to run it 2 or 3x in succession to create enough heat to cause the issue. By default if there's too much heat, or a heat sensor fails, the fans go into full speed mode to try to keep the user from cooking the CPU. You should save and quit when this behavior begins. Applying thermal paste is an art. You need to completely remove the old paste and put a thin coat on the heat-sink, doing it wrong can cause overheating. There are many other causes for BSOD from RAM to GPU/logic board to bad cache files on the HD. Heat sink problems would not be my first pick. Try a Safe Boot. If that works you have HD issues. Are you absolutely certain your SSD spec.'s fit your box (e.g. SATA III 6GB/s)? If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.
  • Answer to: A couple of keys are not working

    It's possible. It's also possible it could be a keyboard controller chip. Try any USB keyboard see if the same keys do not work. If they work ok carefully clean just the end of the ribbon cable (use a clean pencil eraser as an abrasive). Ensure you get the cable fully and squarely inserted into the connector and remember to unlock/lock the Cam. If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.
  • Answer to: Is my mac's hardware causing problems?

    The latest crash was caused by Stainless Client - that may be why flash won't install. I know nothing about Stainles, but, the linked page says "Although Stainless cannot make up for the dismal performance of not being able to have the latest Flash player on PowerPC" so that makes me consider that it might interfere with flash. The second to the last crash and others before that were caused by Core Audio. Irrelevant reports of Damaged SUID files (you don't list them) are a "known issue" with specific machines and OS's. I'm a volunteer so I didn't look beyond the first two incidents… maybe someone else here will, sometimes fixing one or two things solves or uncovers other issues. You know your Graphics Card is suspect or damaged (using second VGA? port). That's one piece of hardware you could replace if you have a known good card to try. I don't know with a machine this age if I'd go buy a new card unless it was less than $50.00 (how much money do you want to put into this dinosaur?) Try booting from the origi...
  • Answer to: How to differentiate between a hardware Failure or a broken firmware?

    Other than having Apple give you an estimate (and some more background information) I can only speculate but it sounds to me like a failed SMC chip. Help us help you. the more we know the more help we can be. More background (when this started, (e.g. after a fall, spill, any other pertinent information) . If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.
  • Answer to: How do I upgrade my iMac G5 17"?

    This machine is 9 years old that's ancient (obsolete) for any of todays applications or uses. The last OS it can run is 10.5.8 (we are now at 10.9.3) This model is capable of using Mac OS 9 applications within the Mac OS X 'Classic' environment provided with Mac OS X 10.4.11 "Tiger" and lower' ('Classic' is not supported starting with Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard'). It cannot boot into Mac OS 9. So not only would you have to upgrade the processor, all your applications would also need to be upgraded. You could conceivably put a 2.0GHz board in it but the limitations would still stand. So continue to use it whatever you originally intended as is for as long as it lasts - but if you want, or need to run the current, and future OS's, take whatever budget you have now and start saving/looking for a new machine. If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.
  • Answer to: Reconnect keyboard to mainboard

    I believe that this is what you're looking for . iFixit says: "The MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Early 2013 packs the battery, keyboard, trackpad, and upper case into one assembly. If any of these components fail, the entire assembly must be replaced. Use this guide to replace your upper case assembly." That's why I consider keyboard only replacement on these, and other machines, masochistic (and describe it as such to those who ask about "keyboard only" replacement). If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.
  • Answer to: Battry not Recognized after Liquid Spill

    Had you looked around you could find many possible answers here. No amount of cleaning will cure physical damage. You have either missed corrosion spots, or more likely, the liquid blew out components on the board. I know of no way other than the Mark-1 Eyeball & and a magnifier to identify swollen or shorted (burned) components. This is a very advancedl DIY project. Desoldering and soldering of logic boards requires special tools, solder and lots and lots of practice. Unless you have much experience and knowledge in small electronic/computer repair IMHO it's a job best left to a professional. There are vendors on e-bay who claim to repair/remanufacture damaged logic boards. You can remove and replace the logic board (an advanced DIY repair - difficult but not as impossible as repairing a damaged board). It requires complete disassembly and reassembly of the entire computer. Same with the keyboard replacing the top case assembly (easy) or just the keyboard (masochistic) are the two solutions to your key probl...
  • Answer to: New battery not working

    Sometimes new batteries have been found to be bad right out of the box… especially the cheap Chinese ones from e-bay. Contact your vendor and ask for a replacement. If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.


  • MacBook Air Troubleshooting

    Please post this as a Question - you'll get more/faster replies than posting here in the tip/troubleshooting guide.

  • MacBook Troubleshooting

    search troubleshoot charging in helpful Answers sub search macbook. It could be your DC-in board, or, your battery.

  • MacBook Pro 15" Troubleshooting

    Ask this as a Question - It's not a note.

  • iPod 3rd Generation Troubleshooting

    Quote from herman428:

    If I replaced the logic board and still get nothing past the Apple logo, how do I know it's a faulty cable and which one... ? Is it possible that it's the hard drive ? The hard drive seems to be active and spinning when listening to it close up against my ear. Not sure which way to go here.

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  • iPod 5th Generation (Video) Troubleshooting

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    Quote from jesseamador:

    When I changed out my battery on my Video iPod I messed up the cable connection for the battery on the logic board. So I replaced my logic board but the new logic board only comes up in a Sad Face icon. It makes a click when I try to reset the iPod each time. What do I need to do now? I'm stuck!


  • MacBook Troubleshooting

    Quote from Baaald:

    I have a problem with my macbook A1181.

    When the laptop is running, if I press hard the keyboard or the case on the left or right, my computer shuts down immediately.

    At the same time, if I press hard the keyboard, the Shutdown window pops up asking me if I want to shutdown the pc and in some cases after some seconds it shuts down anyway.

    I can't use my laptop anymore.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks! This website is terrific!


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  • iBook G3 12" Troubleshooting

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  • iBook G4 12" Troubleshooting

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  • iBook G4 14" Troubleshooting

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  • iPod 3rd Generation Troubleshooting

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