• Answer to: Mystery... No sound!... O/I card? Speakers? Logic board?

    funny story. I have the exact same problem. But, I am pretty sure I know what happened. I was swapping displays (broke my old one, bought a new assembly, long story) and I must have hit something and shorted something out (it was off at the time w/ battery out though I swear) because now I have no wifi nor speakers. Is it possible that I hit a connector and I just need to reconnect it? (Yes, the wifi antennae are connected, unless they're broken) I've tried looking for anything loose, but I have no idea what I'm looking for, so I'm not able to find anything. It just happened tonight. If anybody wants to know more about my predicament (and maybe solve both our problems at once), I'll check back in the morning and do some more prodding. If it means anything (not sure if it does) but I'm getting a new Left I/O board tomorrow because I may have sorta kinda accidentally bent (and broke) an inverter cable pin. whoops.
  • Answer to: My drive spits out my cd's and dvds

    not necessarily. the same thing was happening to my cd drive. my lower case was bent to allow dust to enter the optical drive, so i took it upon myself to find the problem. i took apart the optical drive, and cleaned the optical lens (dust cleaner, scotch tape works too, but be careful not to press/pull to hard as you may dislodge the mechanism making it so you have to buy a new optical drive). just be careful. what i did is not for the faint of heart.
  • Answer to: How do you replace the optical drive?

    could you be more specific? many many things could be the problem. the disc may not be readable. the drive motors that pull/push the optical reader may be broken, the optical reader itself may just have some dust on it. in my situation, the case was bent that the drive itself is unreachable. the sata/ide connection to the logic board may be loose/non-existent.


  • iPhone 4 Teardown

    Is it not possible to separate the digitizer from the LCD from the backlight from the glass?