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  • Answer to: Real answer for iPod 5th Gen BLACK ground strap?

    So I talked to some people for you. The strap in question is not important. Your iPod will function without issue without it. I am looking at one right now that does not have it and it is working fine. Sorry for the confusion, may you be at peace.
  • Answer to: How do I replace the battery?

    With a device as small as the second gen shuffle, I am honestly not sure if it is feasibly possible. It is put together fairly tightly, I would be afraid of breaking the internals trying to open it up.
  • Answer to: iPod shuffle in washing machine, got wet!

    Water damage unfortunately is a tricky thing, it is hard to identify the exact culprit, especially in a device like the Shuffle. You can try the rice, but after that you will likely just have to buy a new one, a short could mess up any replacement parts you get and try to install.
  • Answer to: Output Audio Jack giving output in only one Earphone

    If another pair of headphones does not work, check and make sure the headphones are plugging in all the way. If not there may be something stuck in your headphone jack and you won't need to replace anything. If neither of these work you will likely need to replace the headphone jack assembly, you can find the guide here: iPod Touch 2nd Generation Power/Volume Controls Replacement
  • Answer to: Power Button Doesn't Click after Housing Replacement

    I think taking it apart again and attempting to reseat the button would be your best bet. I can't think of any other safe/easy way to do it.
  • Answer to: Battery replacement for the 17" MacBook Pro

    I do not know when we will have the battery, but we get our parts from the same supplier as Apple does, so yes, it will be the original battery.
  • Answer to: How do I take cover off

    1st gen: iPhone 1st Generation Rear Panel Replacement 3G/3GS: iPhone 3G Rear Case Replacement
  • Answer to: Balancer bolt thread direction?

    Lefty loosey, righty tighty!
  • Answer to: Why is my click wheel unresponsive?

    You should open up the iPod using this guide and check the connections from the front panel to the logic board, if this doesn't work, then you will need to replace the front panel. This can be done using the same guide I mentioned earlier and this part. It isn't in stock right now, but you may be able to find it elsewhere. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  • Answer to: How do I clean the LCD panel before reinstallation and reassembly?

    You are right, it is important to make sure the LCD is clean. Anything that is stuck to it will be clearly visible when you reassemble. Use a microfiber cloth to clean off the LCD, canned air is useful too. You can find both of these at most hardware stores. It is also important to work in a clean, dust-free environment. Make sure you do all that and you should be fine. Good luck!