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  • Answer to: Does not drain the water at the end of cycle

    I just installed a new garbage disposal because the last one developed a leak in the plastic casing. Garbage disposal worked great, but my dishwasher filled up with water. I realized that i forgot to remove the stopper plug from the disposal! They make them with a plug in case you're not hooking up a dishwasher. So if you just installed a new disposal and now your dishwasher is filling up with water, check to see if there's a plastic plug blocking your drain.
  • Answer to: Just replaced the processor and RAM and will not post

    Update from Steven: I just noticed that the USB keyboard did not work when plugged into the iMac, BUT the mouse did. I took the Apple keyboard to my laptop and plugged it in and it works perfectly. All I did was install a new processor. I hope this new symptom helps diagnosis. Update 2: I took the iMac apart today and put back the old T2500 chip. It worked again. Since I found some GeekBench results for a T7600 on a iMac 4,1, I am assuming I can swap the T2500 for a T7600, therefore, the processor must be bad. I returned it today.
  • Answer to: upgrading ram & processor of nokia n8 handset

    As far as I know, this cannot be done. Most cell phones are not upgradeable.
  • Answer to: scratched back of iPhone... how to replace?

    We sell the rear panel here.
  • Answer to: Changing HDD 5400rpm to 10000rpm in MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2011)

    No, you cannot install a drive taller than 9.5 mm in the MacBook Pro.
  • Answer to: Is there a guide to part numbers, classes, and components?

    It's definitely hard. We've done all this research, and incorporated it into our ID-Your-Mac system. It's far more complex than it looks on the surface—as you've found out. We have more information we could make available, but it's not in a very user-friendly format.
  • Answer to: What options to remove extremely tight bluetooth aerial screw?

    1) Make sure you have the right screwdriver. Drivers and screws can vary, so the best way is to check it yourself. 2) Put a dab of superglue on the tip of the screwdriver, hold it for a few seconds to let it bond, then use a lot of downward pressure as you rotate. 3) If that fails, use a dremel to cut a notch in to the screw, then use a flathead screwdriver to remove it. Cover the rest of the machine with plastic first so the metal shavings don't touch any electrical components. Also see this post about stripped screw technique.
  • Answer to: Where can I buy one of these pentalobe tools

    No, it's not the same as the MacBook Air. This is the screwdriver you need for the Air. We have just gotten our hands on some iPhone 4 compatible pentalobe screwdrivers. We'll be adding more information about them soon, and they should be shipping in the next week or two. Add your name to the notify list on that product and we'll email you as soon as they're ready to ship.
  • Answer to: Can I modify an iPad and increase the memory to 128GB?

    No. The NAND flash is soldered to the main board, and it does not have an interface that's compatible with an SSD (or space inside for a drive). It is hypothetically possible to replace the flash chips with larger capacity chips, but that would require a sophisticated surface mount de/soldering setup. In English: a semiconductor company could do it, but probably not an individual.
  • Answer to: Missing screw hole at chinese backcase copy

    Alas, we don't provide support for third party parts. If you can't figure out how to install it, then you might have to get a better quality part.