• Answer to: MacBook Pro model 15"

    it's written on the back of your MacBook, top center near the FCC and CE logo. Usually like this: Designed in Apple California. Assembled in China Model Number: A1260


  • PSP Go Teardown

    why, it looks like something was cut off?

  • Microsoft Zune HD Teardown

    Quote from urix:

    Hmm... 1 hour = 60 minutes = 3600 seconds. Therefore, 0.001 C/s equals to 3.6 C/hour, n'est-ce pas? If the device consumes 26.3 mA then it lets through 0.0263 coulombs each second, i.e. 2840.4 coulombs (789 mA·h) during 30 hours.

    well, you're right.

    i messed up with units.

  • PSP Go Teardown

    there're rumors saying PSP GO is manufactured by Foxconn,

    no wonder it's made in China.

    also, most previously models of PSP are made in China, too.

  • Microsoft Zune HD Teardown

    Quote from Pies:

    I think you can safely say that mAh/h = mA, i.e. it uses 26.3 mA.

    i guess not,

    mAh is a unit of electric charge, which equals 3.6 coulombs,

    while mA is a unit of electric current, which equals 0.001 coulombs/second.