• Answer to: Model 1211 maximum RAM

    Ignote Bac's follow up answer. Just because the system dosn't show up doesn't mean it's not being utilized. Use 2x2gb in order to use dual channel mode correctly in a ddr2 system like this, otherwise his 3gb suggestion will run much slower.
  • Answer to: Logic Board bought on ebay

    +1 for laptop aid. You get what you pay for, meaning, you get working pulls and refabs. Logic boards for these old systems aren't in production any more so you're paying RETAIL through ifixit to get a similar product. (in some cases they may still have new stock left over but it's doubtful.)
  • Answer to: Will a 1085 logic board work in a A1013

    Bump. I've had problems with crossing boards in the 15 inch models. Eg, the ram slot being a quarter inch off and the right side usb having different connectors. Please someone else input because I need to get one of these since you can't find the 1013 working anywhere.
  • Answer to: My earpiece receiver and proximity sensors are not working - Cable 3?

    Bump. Did you fix this? Sam problem here edit: A first good thing would be working on the English language. I'm just keeping this info in one thread. No reason to start another on the exact same issue.