• Optical Drive Disc Removal Technique, or Foreign Object Removal

    Also when I got the left side unhinged, the right side would not slide so it took twisting the top clockwise, the right side stayed attached though I got the case cracked about 45 degrees and got my system install disk out. On reassembly be very careful to line up the top holes to the metal underneath, and check first around the case edge that it is completely seated. Don't over tighten the screws or they will strip.

    Never the less on the rear bracket that fastens to the logic board hole the screws wouldn't take and the bracket stayed loose. Am considering a dab of epoxy in the holes wiped flush to re-attach the bracket after drying.

  • Optical Drive Disc Removal Technique, or Foreign Object Removal

    There should be a caveat. The screws are extremely tiny and can strip easily, besides get lost. Be sure to work away from the edge of a table. On my MBP early 2008 17" there are three brackets, it's a good idea to snap a photo of the layout or mark with a pen to help re-orient.

    Also though my case looked like the one above, the label was reversed and the drive was a Panasonic made in China. On trying to open the case per the instructions it should be noted there's a circuit board looking piece of plastic with the ribbon cable, remove first by prying away.