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  • Why is my carkey loosing range

    Hi, i noticed that the remote in my key loses range. So i changed the battery, but that didn´t help. I´m still loosing range....
  • Another kind of teardown put it back together will be a bit of a problem....have fun
  • Soldering the LCD connector

    Hi, what temperature should i use to solder the pins on the LCD-connector (1). The former owner pulled a little bit to hard, ...


  • Answer to: New hard drive-now its really not working.

    Hello, i had the same problem a couple of times, sometimes it was a damaged hard drive cable, but sometimes it was the logic board. Its hard to tell, if its the cable or logic board. But as the cable is not that expensive, i would give it a try and buy a new cable. Good Luck!
  • Answer to: problems starting in cold weather.

    Hi, if the engine doesn´t starts, check the air filter, the distribution cap and rotator, the cables to the sparkplugs an the spark plugs. When you turn the key, but doesn´t start, you should hear a low humming noise from the back of the car, that stops after 2-3 seconds. That was the main fuel pump, building up pressure in the fuel lines. If that was all ok, we have a litte problem. If you have an engine with a central injection (SPI) in the throttle body, try the following steps. When you take out the air filter you can look into the throttle body if its messed with layer of a black oil-coal mixture, clean that throttle body. Your car has a cold-start-system, if the temperature is under a certain temperature an extra channel in the throttle body is opened up to have a richer mixture, wich helps to start at low temperatures. When this channel is closed by the oil-coal mixture you have issues. A problem with the vacuum system could be found rather easy, when the engine is running. open a connection in the vac...
  • Answer to: Why does my Car gets stuck in second gear in the mornings?

    Hi, as far as i understood, its an automatic gearbox. As you said, it will only happen in the morning, when the car is cold. So i first of all, drive to a VW dealer and ask him to hook up the black box to the diagnostics. I would guess, that the gear box has an extra temperature sensor and somethings wrong there, or its a humidity problem, because there is condensed water on a contact or in a black box.
  • Answer to: reset radio golf 2003

    Hi, take of the ground wire from the battery for about two minutes, then put it back on. This should do a reset not only to the radio, but to the whole CAN-Bus system as well.
  • Answer to: Intermitten spark, turns on and runs, other times, no sparks

    Hi check the cables from the distributor cap to the spark plugs. After a couple of years the isolation and or the resistance of the cable is gone and you can see litte sparks coming from the cable and jump over. This could be seen very often, when the weather is humid.
  • Answer to: Idle Problems/ Car shakes

    Hi, if the car shakes alot it´s most common not a problem of the idle, it´s a hint that you should take a closer look at your engine because there is something wrong with the air-fuel mix, or the ignition. The idle was set before to a proper rpm. As long as the carburator or the throttle body wasn´t changed, the idle shouldn´t change. I would take a closer look to the ignition system, a.e. spark-plugs, cables, rotator a.s.o., the fuel system, a.e. carburator or injection, filters, fuel lines, fuel pumps, injection black-box and at last at the air intake, sometimes its just a messed air filter.
  • Answer to: The screen say "Empty Grinder" - how do I fix it?

    Hi, sometimes there are small stones in the coffe beans. When a stone gets stuck in the grinder it might happen, that the machine thinks the grinder is empty. The grinder should start grinding even if there are no beans.
  • Answer to: 320 Gb HDD from Toshiba

    There is a 250GB drive out there with an ZIF - IDE Interface. As far as i remember they tested it in a 5.5G iPod Video and it worked.
  • Answer to: wireless will not connect

    If you can´t get an IP from your Router and cheked that the SSID and password is correct, it seems like the routers mac-adress filter is active or the Router is set so, that it doesn´t allows connections from "unknown" devices.
  • Answer to: does this car have an external fuel pump?

    You have two fuel pumps. The main pump is located where you described it. Take a closer look at part nr. 22 its a fuel filter made of aloy. Mine was totaly corrodet under the clamp holding it.